Songs for Gospel 3 Songbook

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They did it again! This year was a very full year for the interprets. David Thomas and Hanjo Gäbler are 2007/2008 on workshops every weekend. Eike leads his 180 person-choir...Eggo Fuhrmann is on concerts with 5 choirs and miriam studys songwriting in Holland. The free moments were used for this album. Sounds funny...and it was! The result is a great gospel compilation. Brandnew Gospelcompilation with David Thomas, Hanjo Gäbler, Eike Formella, Miriam Schäfer and Eggo Fuhrmann. 10 brandnew songs.


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Deutsche Gospelsongs - Hanjo Gäbler (Songbook) Deutsche Gospelsongs - Hanjo Gäbler (Songbook)
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