Gospelexpress Playback (CD)

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The playback-CD to "Gospel Express"- the first gospelusical of the creativ church for kids. A journey through the time with new and old gospelsongs for kids from the age of 7 to 14. A mysterious map brings Emily, Tom, Jonas and Nina with the steaming Gospel Express to the old America of the 19th century. An exciting musical of noble manor houses, sun burned cottonplantages, the chance encounter with a slaved girl, about justice an injustice in the time of slavery and a dangerous task... Great scenerys, entraining songs in german and english an a story about friendship, courage and solidarity are making this gospelmusical to an unforgettable adventure. With Andreas Malessa as narrator, David Thomas and many others. A good tip for kidschoirs, forms and kidsbibelweeks. Producer: Hanjo Gäbler Composition and arrangement: David Thomas & Hanjo Gäbler Some titles: Gospel Express/ Worksong/ When Israel was in Egypt's Land/ Wade in the water

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