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Die Weihnachtsmesse by Hanjo Gäbler, Miriam Schäfer and Danny Plett is a choir production and includes 11 tracks. Some of them in english and some in german language. The repertoire is based on 9 new compositions and 2 well known christmas carols. Have a listen to this wonderful music and dive into the wonder of christmas.


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Die Weihnachtsmesse - CD Die Weihnachtsmesse - CD
The album
11.99 € *
Die Weihnachtsmesse - Songbook Die Weihnachtsmesse - Songbook
The Songbook
7.99 € *
Melodies of christmas - Hanjo Gäbler (CD) Melodies of christmas - Hanjo Gäbler (CD)
Christmas- Album by Hanjo Gabler
4.99 € *
Die Weihnachtsmesse - Piano Book Die Weihnachtsmesse - Piano Book
16.99 € *
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